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A bit about me
and my background

I firmly believe that if you're going to work closely with someone, you need to have a bit of an insight into who they are. When I start working with a client I spend time getting to know them and their business so I understand the way in which I need to work and gain a good knowledge about the company and products I am working on. I think this needs to extend both ways, so here's a little bit about me and my background which might also explain what skills I could bring to our working relationship.

Where my career originated and my obsession with detail!

Growing up in a family of marketing, PR and publishing people, the importance of grammar and attention to detail was instilled in me from quite a young age. Maybe that sounds a little harsh, but this gave me a good foundation for my own career, and it is still something I pride myself on today. My Dad was a great writer and speaker and he and my Mum (who also worked in marketing) were almost certainly the ones who inspired me to begin my own career in the comms sector and teach me that hard work pays off.

I completed an HND in Design Communications at university which gave me an insight into the world of marketing, PR, advertising and design, as well as gain practical hands-on experience before getting into the workplace.

My career has involved various marketing roles in a range of sectors including Packard Bell Computers and in the Product Comms Team at BMW Group UK before gaining experience as a Senior Account Manager on the agency side, working predominantly in property marketing.

Working in different sectors not only gave me valuable experience but it taught me how to communicate about a wide range of products, often having to translate 'tech speak' into more understandable product benefits for the consumer.

I now enjoy the more intimate side of being freelance and working with smaller companies, charities and other freelancers.


Quirky fact: I'm also a qualified Personal Trainer!

Why am I telling you this you might ask? Don't worry, I'm not planning to start getting my clients to prove they can do 100 squats before I will work with them! However, my career change into the fitness industry was an important part of my life and taught me a lot.

I retrained in 2010 when I got married to someone in the Armed Forces. We moved around a lot so I needed a job I could take anywhere with me and this was before the days where working from home was particularly accepted. I'd always had a passion for fitness but even more so in the psychology behind it and the rewarding nature of helping people achieve their goals. I qualified in Exercise Referral which meant I could work with people with injuries, illnesses and mental health issues, and this is the area I really thrived in. I went on to manage a corporate gym, working with a wide range of people and it really opened my eyes to how much a healthy body results in a healthy mind and improves workplace productivity.

Although I eventually went back into marketing after my son was born, exercise and fresh air every day are two things I never let slip no matter how busy I am. It’s very easy to tell yourself that walk or exercise class is taking away time where you could be working but I firmly believe that I am more productive when I haven’t been sat in front of a computer all day. Getting those endorphins flowing is a sure-fire way to boost motivation and I often think of my best copywriting or creative ideas when I’m out walking my dog or in the gym because they are the times when my brain has a little more capacity for creative thinking!

Where did the name 'White Heart Comms' come from?

Well… when you're thinking of a business name you tend to either use your own name or you need to look at what words mean something to you, then it's a good idea to look into the connotations of any words you choose.


If you use a white heart emoji in a message it is said that this represents the 'purest form of love', like a parent’s love for their child. It also shows emotional support, perhaps to someone who is struggling, and signifies a close bond with friends, family or team mates.


So not only do I love the ‘white heart’ meaning, there’s another reason I chose the name... and it's this little lady who always wears her heart on her chest. Her name is Piper and she's my awesome Labrador cross who I got as a puppy in 2019... and I have to admit she was actually the real inspiration behind the name. 

I hope this has given you a little bit of an insight into my background and some context behind my work. 

If you would like to find out more about how I work with my clients please have a look at my clients page

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